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Complete hosted business solutions for small and medium enterprises that Runs faster. Costs less. And never breaks

Leading software as a service provider specializes in Providing and sourcing IT Solutions in IT/HR/Marketing/Sales and Operations Management Headed by strong management team with over than 14 years experience in different business needs and software applications management and hosted solutions.

Powerful & Fast

All our clouded services are highly designed for performance and hosted of the famous Microsoft Azure Platform using latest Microsoft Technologies.

Highly configurable

Because we respect our user’s experience, we have invested great efforts in assuring that they can adjust everything the way they like.

Scalable Designs

Our clouded platforms are designed with Service Oriented Architecture which make it easy to scale up and integrate with others.


All our platforms run under Secure Socket Layers and are using OpenAuth with top global security providers in the market like Microsoft, Google, Yahoo and more.


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  • We believe

    Eveorex believes that Business culture is built on professional, trust and long-term relationship..

  • Global Business partners Network

    Your business will be expose to global business market through not only our communities network but also through our business partners network.

  • Top Social Media Marketing

    Not only for public, but also for businesses. Our ported business development strategies is linking all our customers to the right network using all possible channels.

  • Latest technologies

    All our platforms are powered by Windows Azure using service oriented architecutre linked with SQL Server Azure data store and implmenting high security RES encryption.

  • Best choice for your business

    Our platforms help clients business to grow and make more profit by improving the effiency of their business processes through automated business processes management.


Deliver immediate results to our clients by working smart to help them achieve the highest performance in their business and make more profit.

Eveorex team

We believe that the key of our client’s success is identifying the right opportunities for their business through our business match automation

Eveorex Management

More than you need

All platforms are designed for business to increase their profit.

Great opportunities

Bueinss to Business relationships are never easier.

Ready to Use Platforms

No need to spen thousands of dollars to get things up, pay only of what you need.

Full mobile devices support

All our platforms are designed to run on Android Mobiles and tablets, IPhone, IPad, windows phone and windows store.

Top Notch Support

No matter how big or small it is, our fully qualified team is alwayes watching your back.

New Business Channels

Local and International businesses are now connected to one single platform.

Powerful Business Applications Cloud

Complete hosted business solutions for small and medium enterprises that Runs faster. Costs less. And never breaks.